Endless Launch

About Us


Endless Launch was developed to solve a big problem in the Internet Marketing community and that is the lack of resources for evergreen Internet Marketing products. 


There are a number of product launch calendars around, but until now, there hasn't been a good way for those of us that create quality, evergreen digital products to let affiliates know that they still exist and are still for sale.


We just aimlessly continue to create more and more products and keep on spending tons of money on developing and launching new products, to keep the revenue flowing. 


I also believe it's the reason email open and click rates are in the toilet and unsubscribe rates keep climbing with every promotional email sent. Customers have become so overwhelmed by the constant barrage of product launches everyday that they've developed an outright aversion to promotional emails for new products.


A product launch is supposed to be the beginning of a new product and business. The launch a product, get paid and move on, is a really dumb business model and it's an unsustainable business model. Launch Mania is what I like to call it and it's causing real issues with the community we serve and our followers are fatigued from it.


See if you can identify... You go to Muncheye or some other launch calendar, only to find there is nothing really worthwhile to promote and or isn't a good fit for your list. Then you go trolling JV groups on Facebook or Skype in an effort to find quality evergreen products that would be a good fit for your audience to promote, only to be bombarded with numerous offers. In many cases what you find by doing this, is no better than what's on the launch calendars, so you're back to square one.


Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with innovation and filling a true need in the marketplace. Innovation is what drives progress and justifies a new product launch, but the vast majority of products are me too, copycat junk that are obvious money grabs and really provide little or no value.


Launch Mania has inspired the creation of Endless Launch. Endless Launch is a very low cost repository for product vendors to let affiliates know what products they have that are evergreen and still available for sale.


Who am I? 


I'm Steve Haase just a humble Internet Marketer, affiliate and product creator, who is sick and tired of all the churn and burn in the Make Money Online / Internet Marketing community. 


My goal is helping the Internet Marketing community slow down the launch insanity and help those of us who already have quality evergreen products sitting around after the product launch collecting virtual dust, because no one remembers or knows they are still around and available to promote.


Stop chasing product launches and start promoting high quality, proven evergreen products.